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decaDance is an  night of freestyle partner dance in a spacious, airconditioned lovely hall in the heart of Hove.
It is the ideal night if you love music, love dancing, love adventure.
Guaranteed you will hear the finest and most inspiring music to dance to. All your favourite styles will be covered whether it be West Coast Swing, Jive, Swing, Blues, Tango, Soul, Latin.

We are not elitists or music snobs and we love all forms of music. Because we also love to dance many different styles, the emphasis for this night will be on music you can really feel inspired by and want to interpret.  In the same way that great songs get covered by many different artists that same song can be danced an infinite number of ways. We will provide the inspiring music, how you choose to dance it is entirely up to you!
Our vision is to have dancers of different styles share the same dancefloor, do their thing but perhaps get inspired to try something new.
You can also expect lots of fun, short performances and other surprises.
Love music...
Love dancing...
Love adventure...

decaDance was started to complement the Brighton partner dance market and not directly compete with what is currently available. Most of these people are our friends, we enjoy their evenings and hope to see them at decaDance. 
Whilst 'vision' might sound a bit corporate for a fun night of dance we think it is important to state at the outset what we are trying to do. This basically can be summarised through 3 Aims. How far we manage to achieve them will really depend on you guys. 
1. Create a late night of partner dancing where dancers of different styles come together and inspire each other in a friendly, relaxed,  environment. This will encourage cross fertilization of ideas and also inspire dancers to perhaps try a new form of partner dance. Its not about fusion dance, its about broadening your dancing exposure to either improve what you already do or start doing something totally different. 
2. Introduce new people to the fantastic world of partner dance. There are so many wonderful and creative people we meet who would be a real asset to the dance community. We want decaDance to act as a fun, inspiring entry point from which they can choose their own journey. Enjoy the evening, dance your socks off then go and learn some moves and technique. We encourage new people to take follow up dance classes and will gladly direct them to reputable local teachers.
3. Put something uniquely Brighton back into the Dance scene.  We love our town. Every day we wake up thankful that such a fantastic creative, bohemian, tolerant,  little metropolis exists. However, we are surprised and frustrated how little of this filters into the local partner dance scene. Therefore we really want to create a night that reflects the spirit of adventure, eclectisism + experimentation we constantly see elsewhwere in Brighton. This will also help create a unique offering which is great for locals but can also become a regular destination for non locals (Lots of our decaDancers travel quite some distance -  Peterborough, Bedford, Stafford, Coventry, Kent, Surrey, Essex and London!!).   


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