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How to join our facebook sites
To join our facebook group just put this link in your web browser address bar  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21257940642 . You may need to wait a short while for authorisation. Usually this will be within minutes or a few hours max.

To pre-book our next event (31st October) and benefit from the current best ever price off,  type this link in your web browser address bar
If you aren't already a facebook member you will need to sign up. That will take all of 2 minutes! It's more secure than email and you don't need to post your photo or any more information up there than you want to. The link to facebook home page is http://www.facebook.com
We also have facebook groups for TangoBootCamp, WestCoastSwing BootCamp, BallroomBootCamp and BluesBootcamp. The links to those are:

Why Facebook?
Ok folks, we admit it we love facebook. Not in a carnal way, not in an obsessive way but just in a very genuine this technology is a very useful tool for keeping up to date with what is going on in the danceworld and with my mates.
If you are already on it you don't need convincing. If you aren't on it then why not give it a go. Forget the horror stories you have heard about it being a waste of time and intrusive. You are totally in control of what you post and what you receive.
Anyway, we plan to move more of our content and member benefits to Facebook. For us it is a much quicker, more efficient and stable environment than regular website posting and emails.
Facebook benefits to you
Already there are a number of good reasons why you should join our facebook group.
1. It saves you money. The best offers and prices will always be for our facebook groups. Currently there is a special offer saving members a further £1 off our regular pre-book decaDance price. That means you save £3 versus the on the door price.
2. It is where you will find ALL the photos from ALL the events . Currently almost 450 decaDance pictures and almost as many from the bootcamps. It takes absolutely ages to post individual pictures to the website versus literally seconds to post whole albums to facebook. It also slows our websites down. So in future we will only post a handful of pictures to the website and in our upcoming clean up/overhaul we will move the majority of pictures off the site. 
3. You can prebook our events saving yourself money immediately and without any interaction with us via email. Simply rsvp to the event invites and you are immediately placed on the pre-booked list. You then just pay the cheaper rate on the night. 
4. You can find out who is attending or thinking about attending our events. Although we currently only have approx 1/4 to 1/3 of our regular attendees active on facebook that number is growing all the time. You can check and see if your mates are going or via facebook you can message your mates and invite them along as well.