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'Above all, be yourself!  Dancing should be a form of self-expression.  Whatever else you may do, don't make the mistake of being an unimaginative copyist.  Don't be a slave to steps, routines or fads.

After you have been dancing for a time, you will find that you do the Foxtrot, the Waltz or the Tango just a little bit differently from anyone else.  You have developed your own individual style.  That is nothing to worry over.  On the contrary, there would be more cause for worry if you did not develop a style of your own.  Styles in dancing are developed just as inevitably as styles in writing or painting.  The dancer without individual style is no more than a mechanical robot.'
Fred Astaire,  1936
You Tube is a fantastic source for great inspiring dance videos. There are so many out there but here are just a few of our favourites. We will keep adding to this list. Why dont you email us links to some of your favs. 
BLUES, LINDY, JIVE, WCS French lindyhoppers ham it up - sooo cool!
Frankie Manning doing shim sham
(some of the greatest dancers ever in the old movie helzapoppin)
Probably the most popular westcoast swing dancers today Jordan + Tatiana
mihai very cool us blues/lindy dancer
mihai again in a tango/blues combination stylee 
Lucky Skillen (Brilliant Blues Dancer, currently in UK with Ruby)
We love watching cuban rueda style salsa. Just wish we could dance it!
Buena Vista Social Club. Without the music there would be no dancing. If you are ever depressed watch the whole movie! We were lucky enough to see them play together before unfortunately the key protaganists passed away.
 2 of the worlds greatest tap dancers the late Gregory Hines + Sammy Davis Jr
Our favourite online Tango source. Varies from very basic to very complex but the guy just oozes coolness + his teaching makes everything seem so simple. 
Antonio Banderas. Great dance , rubbish movie. Take the lead
Great dancing + great movie!!! The Tango Lesson
Beautiful tango to Chopin. Did a workshop with Constantin recently at Kijutango. He's pretty good!!!!
COMEDY comedy history of dance