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Here you will find a list of friends or people we would recommend. Please email us if you think we may have forgotten you. For more info on linking please see faqs.
Dance Classes: - Ceroc is the biggest dance brand in the country and provides a superb entry point to partner dancing. There is a reason why these guys have been around 25 years - its fun and its effective! Jo, Richard and Drew run one of the most friendly Ceroc franchises in the country and have created a very special night at the Funky Fish. Andy and Sue run a number of friendly evenings of modern jive around the local area. The ever popular Thursday night is now back at the Shoreham Centre and they have a very dedicated following. The teaching is well organised, easy to follow and will get even the most uncoordinated up and dancing.  Graham is pioneering the teaching of West Coast Swing in Brighton. His teaching style is patient and methodical so you can forget what you've heard about wcs being too difficult to learn!  Its a totally  beautiful dance and getting very popular elsewhere in the country. Let's make Brighton its capital for the south coast.  Longstanding city centre Tuesday night modern jive run by Jeff Jasper. Good floor, dedicated following with probably a bit more of a latin feel to the music mix.  If you want to jive old school style you will not find better tuition anywhere. Colin adopts a very structured proven format to teach this dance and also really know how to create great freestyle nights.  Elizabeth runs a number of classes covering a wide range of dance styles including swing, ballroom and salsa. She also runs fun little events like swing'n' icecream on the beach   Fun local dancer and decaDance regular Ashley has now taken over Jules' Wednesday Worthing classes. Music and teaching responsibilities will be taken care of by the lovely Colleen. They also promise occasional guest teachers and djs. In fact decaDance are delighted to be working with them at their first quarterly ball on October 4th.  Glamorous Diana and not so glamourous but cheerful northerner Ian now run regular weekly classes at the Shoreham Centre. They promise fun and lighthearted modern jive with a hint of other styles thrown in.  Kirsty runs a number of popular argentine tango events and classes. Lots of high quality visiting teachers. Very interested in the more technical and spiritual aspects of this dance style. This is a brand new way of teaching argentine tango with the emphasis on intensive, methodical tuition and practice to rapidly accelerate the tango learning curve and develop confidence. A great place to start your tango journey. 
If Carola doesn't teach it then it's unlikely anyone dances it. Proficient and friendly teaching across a wide range of partner dances including ballroom and tango.
Great new + passionate promoters of monthly Blues freestyles and occasional specialist events in Central London. Small but intimate venue. Authentic, mainly old time music and great cross section of friendly dancers.  Ricardo is a fabulous and charismatic brazilian dancer. He also happens to run energetic weekly salsa classes in hove and biweekly free  classes with lovely Marta at the David Lloyd in the marina.  Long standing + busy salsa night down at the karma bar in the marina. Well organised classes -good for all standards.  Jimmy and Dominique's salsa crew at the Coalition during the week and at decaDance venue the Loft now every sunday. Leo is a multitalented dancer and teacher running a number of salsa + latin dance classes. We like the one at the Hanbury club.
Anna is a nationally renowned expert in this beautiful dance and runs local classes. She's very friendly and welcomes beginners.
Occasional Blues nights + dinners run by Michael (with the hat) in Kent area
Other Dance: - If you need to know what's going on locally in partner dance, lynda provides a fantastic up to date one stop shop. She's also a pretty groovy mover so if you see her on the dancefloor ask! - Excellent national modern jive listings database run byJon White - Great site for anyone moving into tango from a modern jive/other partner dance background. David is one of the most experienced tango dancers on the jive scene. He has covered a lot of ground answering all the questions and anxieties a new tango fan encounters (with great contributions from Ken and Christopher). Unlike most tango sites, this one is easy to navigate, up to date, informative, and most amazingly for tango writing it's actually upbeat and entertaining! 'Let's go to negrachas.'   Facebook group started by Ken. Organizes monthly group outings to london's premier milonga -usually the first friday of the month. It's a great idea and well attended by friendly jivers who are making their way into the wonderful but often intimidating world of arg.tango. If you are a serious dancer and have never heard about Utopia then you probably should consider a different hobby! Without question the finest standard of dancing anywhere, yet still has a totally chilled, friendly vibe. Great hosts and djs -  Val, Dave and Vince.  It's monthly and you need to book EARLY!
Fantastic local facility for practicing. State of the art dance studio, very reasonable rates. Run by local flamenco queen Anna - Home of UK Salsa legend Dean Maynard's clothing line. Great modern range for men and women. His ladies shorts are apparently unrivalled! Friendly dancewear shop just off Western Road. Franchise of the countries leading dancewear retailer, so if they haven't  got it they can easily order it. - Gotta have shoes to dance baby. Trust us proper dance shoes step change your enjoyment of dancing.....Very friendly + highly knowledgeable supplier. Stores in Littlehampton + Eastbourne. Although he has moved himself and his main dance business to Kent, Jules still runs a weekly modern jive freestyle at King Alfred. Try it on nights when there is no decaDance or even as a warm up before coming on to us. We often go to 2 or 3 venues in a night - youve got Saturday to sleep it off anyway! - Paul is trying to create a social network for Brighton dancers covering most styles. Why not drop him a line. Thought provoking site exploring psychology of many aspects of partner dance. Created by local dancer Craig West it explores feelings and experiences common to lots of us but which we often dont often discuss or share.  Interesting tango blog with information about events, classes and the psychology of tango. Over 50 DVDs plus Complete Worldwide Lists of Clubs, Weekenders, Competitions and Holidays

Music Promoters: Weekly reggae at our sister venue downstairs. Also promote absolutely the best reggae night on the south coast at Concorde 2. Has to be experienced!
Visiting Brighton: - Brighton's best all night cafe is conveniently less than 1 minute's walk from decaDance. You arent going there for top cuisine but Buddies buster breakfast will set you up nicely and the omelette's are expecially good. We have a special vip beat the queue deal meaning you wont have to wait long - it gets real busy. Also runs a reliable, safe taxi service.  - Whilst the Lanes area is still pleasant for shopping, the more adventurous should take the short 5 minute walk to the Northlaines area. Ths is where the true eclectic retailers and independent coffee bars are. Think Camden market without the tourists! Good general listings site for whats happening.  Useful startpoint if you need somewhere to stay after a big night at decaDance. - Bills is an absolute delight. Greengrocer at the front, yummy cafe at the back. Communal tables and constant activity. Very nutritious and tasty foods/fresh juices. Great dtox after a night at decaDance. Be warned it gets very busy. - Our favourite place for a decadent coffee and people watching. As you walk in the smell of their freshly roasted coffee is intoxicating. Also try some delicious organic cakes  made locally by our friends at Kai Organic. Very Brighton! Ethical yet indulgent. Vast range of proucts in a well laid out store.  Winner of sussex farmers market of year and easy to see why. Monthly event - great, varied local produce at the Ralli Hall, home of our tangobootcamp.  Support the local fish industry by taking a short drive along the seafront and buying direct from the trawlerman. It couldnt be fresher, prices are reasonable and they will pack it for your journey home.  
Leo is a young local dancer who also runs a couple of creative businesses. He is a talented photographer and filmaker who is available for private or corporate work.   Website for our decaDance barman. Professional, friendly, good value mobile bar service for all your personal and corporate needs. You will also see Alex this year at many festivals in Brighton and the South of England. 


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